Thanks for your support!

We want to thank all friends who have supported us over the last 4 years. Anyone who sends us an email by May 11th, 2013, and also has answered the following question, will receive an MP3-download link for one of our albums.
Here is the question:

Which of our tracks was represented in 2011 on the legendary “Emo Diaries” sampler of “Deep Elm record”?

If you know the answer, please let us know by the 11th of May 2013 in writing or by email. Send your response to with the subject “Friend”. Please don’t forget to specify which album you would like.
You can choose from the following releases:
Album [Fragments Of A Prayer] 2012
Album [Shoulders & Giants] 2011
Album [Find A Place To Be Safe] 2010
Album [Systembreakdown] 2009
We look forward to hearing from you. The competition starts immediately!
Please let everyone know, and good luck to everyone!

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