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Guess what happens if you take one of Russias best known Post Rock band and mix it up with us? That’s right, you get a Split EP full of surprises! Not just a compilation of tracks, Black Moon Empire is more than that, because the title track is a work of both bands, Mooncake and us.

Pre orders are available from now on! Visit:

The official release date is July 31st 2011.

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  • GA says:

    Can I ask a silly question? Which tracks are performed by which band? I downloaded the EP from Itunes but it doesn’t specify. I know ‘Black Moon Empire’ is both bands and ‘Novorossiysk 1968’ is the Mooncake track from Lagrange Points. The other tracks though….

    • matt says:

      Well, that’s right.. Black Moon Empire are both bands. The second track Spark & fourth track T.S.D. is from us, all other tracks are from Mooncake.

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