Post Rock Festivals for Rock and Metal fans

Speaking from experience, it is pretty hard for most Rock and Metal fans to imagine a Post-Rock concert on stage. How does a concert of a band looks like, that plays soft and slow music, which makes it impossible to move energetically, to crowdsurfe or to dance? The answer to this is surprisingly simple: One enjoys the show with a nicely balanced sound and an atmospheric stage lighting and one embraces the emotions that the musicians want to transmit to the audience. In most cases, Post-Rock music is rich of emotions and impression which the musicians try to depict in their music. Most of the time, these impressions and emotions can better be transported when experiencing them live, rather than listening to a studio production at home.

List of current Post-Rock Festivals 2019

Roskilde (Denmark)

Arc Tangent (GB)

Dunk!festival (Belgium)

Dunk!festival (USA)

Swingfest (Germany)

Two Thousand Trees Festival (GB)

Bergmal (Switzerland)

VIVID (Norway)

GLOOMAAR (Germany)

Le Guess Who Festival  (Netherland)

Roadburn  (Netherland)

Post in Paris (France)

AMFest (Spain)

A Colossal Weekend (Denmark)

Imagina Post Rock Festival (US)

Pretty In Noise Festival (Germany)

The biggest european Post-Rock Festivals: ArcTanGent, Dunk! & VIVID

ArcTanGent Festival

ArcTanGent festival in Britain takes place every August and is specialized on Indie and Math-Rock. It is a bigger festival with a significantly higher amount of bands and stages that still offers a similar familiar atmosphere, just like Dunk!

A smaller festival, that does not take place in the open air, but in a small and old movie theatre is VIVID festival in Kristiansand, Norway. VIVID combines music with fine art and gives bands the opportunity to display self-made screen presentations on stage. At the same time, an exhibition takes place, showing paintings and sculptures from artists, whose works have been inspired by the respective bands.

Dunkfestival – One of the greatest instrumental rock festivals in Europe!

Collapse Under The Empire - Live at Dunkfestival

Throughout the last ten years, various European festivals have been founded, staging bands from different corners of Post-Rock. Above all, one has to mention Dunk! Festival, which focuses more on the quality of the musical performance, than specialising on staging bands from the Post-Rock genre. Every year, Dunk! Festivals thrills media and audience by hosting various bigger and smaller acts, ranging from instrumental Post-Rock, Post-Metal, Hardcore-derivate to experimental electronic artists

Besides being played on festivals, Post Rock concerts regularly take place in every bigger or smaller city. There are countless Post-Rock bands who do not only exist in bigger cities and whose music is not limited to the western world. It becomes visible that Post-Rock is one of many musical genres and forms of art that digitalisation has positively contributed to.