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By 2. April 2012 February 4th, 2017 Allgemein, Interviews, News

A new and interesting interview has been released on US Mag [flux9ine] with some exclusive news about us and our forthcoming album. We say thanks to the interviewer Mark Muehling!

read the whole interview

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  • Vidal says:

    Last week of may… what happen with the “Sacrifice & Isolation” album? I can´t wait to hear it!!

    • matt says:

      Hi, we usually decided to have an EP released between the two concept albums. During the recording of the EP we wrote more than 4 tracks and we also polished up on some old material that we’ve recorded a couple of years ago. Anyway.. it ended up, that we had 10 awesome new tracks! So the EP turned into a full length album, which release is this fall! The second part “Sacrifice & Isolation” is gonna be released next year.

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