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In order to shorten the waiting time on the coming album “Fragments of a Prayer”, that will be available in record stores everywhere in Fall 2012, we want to present an exclusive track, that won’t be found on any of our albums! It’s called “DRAGONFLY” and we want to make it available for free.

ps: This campaign will only last until July 22nd!

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  • Andre says:

    Hey guys. Long term fan. Love the shit out of you guys. NEVER STOP.

    Anyway, is there somewhere I can get the Artwork of this track to put on itunes/mp3 player?


  • Andre says:


    That is awesome!

    The artwork is superb. As is the track!


  • GA says:

    I was relatively new to the band last year, loved ‘Shoulders and Giants’ but couldn’t work out where they would go next. Dragonfly goes a long way to answer that. Amazing. I thought someone in Hollywood would take CUTE music and tailor it as a soundtrack to their movie. Now I’m thinking it would be more of a case of someone building a film around the music. I cannot wait for the next album. Brilliant.

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