Everything We Will Leave Beyond Us (2020)

With their 8th full length release Collapse Under The Empire set to music a dark world that has got out of control. Hotspots everywhere, above all the corona virus, environmental destruction, the greed of mankind, injustice, exploitation, poverty, war and resistance. The 8 new titles show this development in dark soundscapes, apocalyptic guitars and epic synth sounds, piling up the tracks to huge mountains of sound. Thematically, Everything We Will Leave Beyond Us is no longer a utopia, but a bitter reality. One can only hope that mankind will survive the current crises, and above all learn from them! For the first time ever the band worked together with producer Toma Moon from Hamburg, Germany, who handled mixing, mastering and the overall sound design.

The End of Something (2019)

On the occasion of the band’s 10th anniversary the retrospective album “The End of Something” with 38 tracks will be released on December 13th 2019 as strictly limited vinyl box with 4 LPs. Included are some rarities, new & bonus tracks, B-sides and the best of 10 years Collapse Under The Empire. At the same time, the new video single “Beyond Us” will be released. The track is a harbinger from the forthcoming album “Everything We Will Leave Beyond Us” (released Nov. 2020) and combines everything that Collapse Under The Empire has awarded in recent years: intrusive synthetic sounds with guitar walls and an unmistakable sound.

The Fallen Ones (2017)

COLLAPSE UNDER THE EMPIRE combine Synthwave- and Post-Rock in a very unique way and bring fans of electronic sounds as well as fans of heavier music together. The 9 Tracks on THE FALLEN ONES conjure a dystopian journey that inspires to explore the landscapes of a pessimistic future. Highly interpretive and emotionally charged THE FALLEN ONES evokes images of fear, insecurity and yearning and gives the listener the opportunity to determine these emotions. Thematically the record fits into today’s world, but besides anxiety and negativity about the future, THE FALLEN ONES also paints a picture of hope for the listener and facilitates being reminded of the own inner strengths.

Sacrifice & Isolation (2014)

Collapse Under The Empire finishes their two-part concept album with Sacrifice & Isolation, an album about freedom, isolation and death. The final product is their darkest and most experimental album full of dramatic and unsettling sounds. The first half represents the electronic side of the album. Not until towards the end does an organic sound develop, which finally comes to a close with the last track, The Path. Collapse Under The Empire doesn‘t let much hope shine through the melancholic synth pads, electro beats and apocalyptic guitar sounds in Sacrifice & Isolation.
Collapse Under The Empire ends their most ambitious work yet with the two-part concept album, Shoulders & Giants and Sacrifice & Isolation.

Fragments Of A Prayer (2012)

With Fragments of a Prayer, Collapse Under The Empire is releasing their first album under their own label on October 26th, 2012. The 10 instrumental tracks are very multifaceted, ranging from gripping melodies, orchestral dramas, and electronic confusion to the deepest, darkest epic; everything is present. Here and there, wind instruments, pianos, and strings add new accents full of drama and beauty, and the listener dives into a type of soundtrack-like landscape. With this work, C ollapse Under The Empire presents their most far-reaching compositions up to this point which will also please and audience across the post rock spectrum.
Some might wonder why this is not on the topic of the second concept of the promised double-concept work. But Fragments of a Prayer is certainly not an interlude, but rather proof that new doors are opened with every album.

Shoulders & Giants (2011)

In 10 tracks, many different worlds of feelings will be experienced on Shoulders & Giants. It is a two-part concept work that thematically deals with the human existence, the dream of advancement, a life of absolute freedom, isolation, and death. The listener feels like they are on a trip through an icy, mountainous landscape without the slightest sign of human activity.
The first album, Shoulders & Giants, presents itself as somber and full of hope, pacifying and adrenalizing, fearful and caressing, unobtrusive and brute, loud and soft, silent and telling, monotonous and ever-changing.
With the two-part concept albums Shoulders & Giants and Sacrifice & Isolation, Collapse Under The Empire began their most ambitious work so far.

The Sirens Sound (2010)

Six months after the appearance of their second album, Collapse Under The Empire put out The Sirens Sound, their most recent release. In 5 songs covering 33 minutes and ranging between unassuming minimalism with fragile instrumental passages and complete offensive opulence, Collapse Under The Empire achieves their own cosmic sound. The Sirens Sound takes the listener on an instrumental trip into the unknown.

Find A Place To Be Safe (2010)

Find A Place To Be Safe brims over with power and intensity. It’s a soundtrack for the apocalypse without a happy end.
Inspired by Orwell’s thought of an authoritarian state Collapse Under The Empire composed songs, like Take A Shot On Me and the claustrophobic album title track, to create a fitting instrumental background for societies similar to Orwell’s dark visions for the future.
Find A Place To Be Safe is an album without any restrictions. Keyboard sounds flood your auditory canals, strings rule over the silence, while guitar walls pierce through sound barriers. Your own imagination is be winged by reappearing flashes of sound that sometimes flow through what you expected to be silent. Everything goes, everything is possible and the album seems to change when you listen to it more than once. Collapse Under The Empire will cause the listener to react from total relaxation to cold sweated fear, and then embark on a journey through colourful worlds of sound. A journey through ice, fire, fog and reality to help you find your own soul.

Systembreakdown (2009)

“Systembreakdown” contains just the right blend of catchy riffs, up-beat drums and soothing breakdowns with the kind of electronic touches. It’s great stuff for the night, setting the mood for quiet reflection and contemplation. Yes it’s post-rock but it embodies the genre without pretention or artsy flourishes, only sheer brute strength and thundering intensity.