Corona Charity Song

Collapse Under The Empire against corona. 

We support the RED CROSS organisation in the fight against the CORONA epidemic with a charity single. Download the song here and support the organisation with a donation. You are free to choose any amount! All income goes to 100% to the foreign aid of the INTERNATIONAL ENGAGEMENT by the German Red Cross.

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  4. You can now download the track here.
  5. Feel good that you support the weakest in the corona crisis. 👍😀
Red Cross Corona Ambulance

The RED CROSS help those in need!

The RED CROSS supports people in fragile situations, where the virus is yet another threat to their lives. They rely on your support to continue their work to help those in need. They are fighting to prevent the spread of this disease by supporting vital health care centers and providing crucial items such as soap and masks.

More infos about the RED CROSS and what they do:

Helper Corona Old Lady Red Cross


Drums, Reamping, Mixing & Mastering by Toma Moon:

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