Good start into the New Year!

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We would like to thank all of you who have supported and accompanied us over the past three years, above all Alex from Sister Jack Records. We would especially like to thank those who have shared our music across the world and listened to it over the years, especially our true fans and listeners.

The year 2011 was a very successful year for us. Our most recent album, “Shoulders & Giants”, earned many positive reviews both here and abroad. Above all, we were greatly pleased by the diverse interview questions in magazines like Rocksound, Visions, Sonic Seducer, or Zillo. Thanks to all the music editors for their very detailed conversations and interview questions about our CDs.

We are looking forward to 2012! Alongside the second part of our concept work, which will appear in October 2012, we plan to release an EP in May that will bind our two concept albums together.

We wish you all a good start going into the New Year!

Double A-side single “Disclosure / The Great Silence”

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Today we’ve released the single “Disclosure” from our upcoming album “Shoulders & Giants”. We decided not to release an ordinary one-track single, because it includes a second track, which is not to find on any album. This track is called “The Great Silence” and a brand new orchestral composition of ours, only a few days old.
The single is only available on our website. The official digital single release will be next week, on Sept. 2nd 2011.


pre-order “Black Moon Empire” available now

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Guess what happens if you take one of Russias best known Post Rock band and mix it up with us? That’s right, you get a Split EP full of surprises! Not just a compilation of tracks, Black Moon Empire is more than that, because the title track is a work of both bands, Mooncake and us.

Pre orders are available from now on! Visit:

The official release date is July 31st 2011.

The First Ideas

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Right now we are working on some new songs and we got the idea of releasing a concept album series. We love albums that tell a story and that got more than just the music on a round plastic plate. The audience should be carried on a trip into the unknown. We are thinking of one’s passion for the rugged and dangerous, the desire of infinitive freedom and the mightiness of nature.

We’ll try our best to put these feelings and emotions onto 2 albums with a great artwork.

The release date of the first chapter could be already in fall.

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