Album out in the US and Canada

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The Sirens Sound – released on Oct. 5th

Finally, a half year after releasing our latest album in Europe, it is also available in the US and Canada. It is a must have for all people that never heard the sound of the siren before. The songs range between psychedelic instrumental passages, offensive opulence and even pop-like synthetic sounds.

We will take you on an instrumental trip into the unknown.

Available on CD BABY for $ 12.99


New Myspace design

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We got a brand new myspace style and it looks so much better than the old one. Thanks to Jarne… (he created the page)!

What is new:

1. huge band picture right at the  top of the page
2. featured-video player
3. pretty cool link bar to our social networks
4. biography section with a sample player of each song
5. latest reviews
6. promo banner to copy and paste

Sonic Seducer: Cold Hands Seduction Vol. 109

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The Sonic Seducer Team have chosen our recent single “Great Separation” for the  “Cold Hands Seduction” sampler, which is inlcuded in the current issue.  We are happy to be on a CD with artists like Interpol and Apocalyptica.

Music Videos

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A couple of our friends on youtube put a lot of work in making music videos by using our songs. Most of them are animated and awesome!

We say thank you to all the creative people out there. You guys are always welcome to use our songs for your work.

Special thanx to:
Doctopus and Cuorefreddo

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