Discography by Collapse Under The Empire: more than 80 tracks!

We have composed and produced many, many… yes!!! many songs since the existens of Collapse Under The Empire. Here we have gathered a list of all releases.

Furthermore, feel free to listen to more than 80 tracks on YouTube and Spotify. We will do our best to continue creating music for you. Below you’ll find the largest playlist on YouTube, including more than 200 different videos from fans that like our music and share it to the world! Have fun listening to our music.

Collapse Under The Empire

Artwork Format Title Released
Album The Fallen Ones Oct. 20th 2017
EP The Remixes (by Cato) 2015
Album Sacrifice & Isolation 2014
Single Stairs To The Redemption 2014
EP The Silent Cry 2013
Single We Are Close As This 2013
Album Fragments Of A Prayer 2012
Single Closer 2012
Compilation Through The Eyes Of The Heart Tree 2012
Single There’s No Sky 2012
Album Shoulders & Giants 2011
Single Disclosure / The Great Silence 2011
Split EP Black Moon Empire 2011
Compilation Hope For Japan 2011
Charity Single The Silent Death 2011
Compilation The Emo Diaries – Chapter 12 2011
EP The Sirens Sound 2010
Single Grade Separation 2010
Compilation Strange Glue and The Post-Rock Underground: Vol. 3 2010
Album Find A Place To Be Safe 2010
Single Crawling 2009
Album Systembreakdown 2009
EP Paintball (release canceled) 2008